Thursday, April 02, 2009

A brazen law-breaker, but kind-hearted

Okay, we all know the "drill"--when using public transportation, avoid direct eye contact or staring as much as possible. Still, it's hard not to notice what a person standing directly in front of you or seated directly across from you is doing. I was flabbergasted when I sat down in the subway and realized that the guy on the facing seat was just putting the finishing touches on a hand-rolled marijuana cigarette, blatantly breaking the law in an extremely public place. He still that "joint" in his hand when I got off at my stop. But at least he dug out a few coins when a subway beggar walked through our car.


Anonymous Too Old to Jewschool said...

How do you know it was a "joint"? Did he offer to share, which would be the polite thing to do? Maybe he was just rolling his own cigarette, which isn't all that uncommon among certain folks these days.

Fri Apr 03, 04:21:00 PM 2009  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

In all honesty, it never occurred to me that what he was rolling might have been a regular tobacco cigarette. Never having been a smoker (of anything), I've never seen a hand-rolled cigarette made of tobacco. So maybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt.

Sun Apr 05, 01:00:00 AM 2009  

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